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I’ve Misfueled my Vehicle, have I wrecked the Engine?

Pulling a long face after misfuelling the vehicle is the silliest of things you could do. You’ve only made a mistake which is surprisingly common in U.K and it can happen to anyone due to a brief lapse in concentration. You haven’t wrecked your vehicle by pouring wrong fuel into the tank, but if you act lazily, potential damage can occur. Since you don’t want to receive a financial setback, just call GMM1 and get the issue sorted out within minutes. We provide professional, affordably priced and service-focused solutions to motorists in London who misfuel their vehicles, vans or trucks mistakenly.

Let GMM1 Rescue Your Misfueled Car, Van or Truck

Our mobile wrong fuel recovery service stays ready 24/7 to relieve your worries regarding misfuelling. With ample experience, superior expertise and excellent customer service, we’ll get you back on the road ASAP. No matter what ‘make or model’, GMM1 experts know how to get the job done in the most efficient manner and least possible time. So why not get in touch with us to save your precious vehicle from irreparable damage?

Whether you have Misfueled petrol in diesel car or diesel in petrol vehicle, we specialise and fully qualified in solving both scenarios.

Ignition Would Play Havoc with Engine

Don’t consider the option of igniting the engine and driving the vehicle to a garage. Turning on the engine with contaminated fuel in it will prove catastrophic. Especially, if you’ve put petrol into a diesel vehicle and you’ve driven a fair distance, then mayhem awaits you. Contrarily, if you’ve poured diesel into petrol, you won’t be able to ignite the engine. In any case, you shouldn’t take this issue for granted and call GMM1 for saving your vehicle at minimum costs.

Our Misfuelling Fix Procedure

Using state-of-the-art wrong fuel recovery equipment, our experts will thoroughly flush out the mixed fuel from your vehicle. To guard against possible risks in the future, fuel lines will also be cleaned. In most cases, roadside recovery is feasible and your vehicle becomes roadworthy within an hour. If you were unfortunate to fill the tank up to its brim with wrong fuel and then drove as well, we’ll have your vehicle recovered at our garage and ensure the engine is safe and sound.

The Cost? We Drain the Fuel, Not Your Pocket

You won’t wash your hands off your bank balance when you call GMM1 for fixing the misfuelled vehicle. We know you are looking for a reliable, swift & cost-effective solution which GMM1 has for you. For recovery along the road, prices start from £99 only. Prices may vary with respect to type of engine and the amount of wrong fuel you have poured. However, you can stay assured that you’ll have to pay the least amount as compared to other misfuelling service providers. So don’t let your vehicle be ruined and call us instantly.

CALL US ON - 020 3143 5992

24 hour mobile fuel drain service

GMM1 Covers London & Nearby Places

Whether you are stuck with misfuelled vehicle at a fuel station or you’ve realized the problem in the middle of road in any part of London, GMM1 can rescue you. From Wood Green to Croydon and Hounslow to Romford, our mobile units cover whole London and its suburbs. There are no complex procedures involved with seeking our services. It’s just a matter of few seconds. Give us a call and then let our team undertake the service.

CALL US ON - 020 3143 5992

24 hour mobile fuel drain service